• Create an entire page/site with minimal input on design choices from me
    • ie, I provide the content/building blocks, and Molly gets to work.
  • Really surprise me
  • Design some crazy bad things
  • Design some crazy good things
  • Give Molly some initial direction in the purpose of my site (maybe v3)
  • Or, enter content and have Molly intuit, summarize and categorize what I may want the direction to be (v3 clustering?)
  • Have a logical and pleasant user interface/experience.


  • Date and Time stamps available to be included on the posts. (When)
  • Signature/Ownership: Have option to attach the user profile/sig to appropriate article. (Author)
  • Sort order (currently v2 ordering appears random)
    • Latest posts on top?
    • Oldest posts on top?
    • Alphabetical
    • ect
  • Weighted Importance: Tell Molly that something in a section is more or less important.
    • A less important item, like an image, should be smaller, or less saturated or otherwise less emphasized than the other items it’s posted with.
    • A more important item could be promoted to Header text, or header graphic, or have all the other items displayed around it.
  • Be able to share links to any part of the page that Molly makes. (a share option to copy the generated url, how else can we post things on social media?)
    • This is currently possible using the ugly generated ID for content.
  • Have a media manager, (confirmed for v3)
  • Iterate designs much faster, allow me to give input.(coming in v3?)
  • Auto pull in feeds of my other sites or social networks.
    • “Hey, I noticed you’ve linked to that site with that account several times, shall I automatically post updates from there to this Grid site?”
  • Ability to pin certain articles or objects to the top of the homepage
  • Ability to merge posts together
  • Allow for tagging of posts
  • Ability to group, or have Molly auto tag items.
  • Support Markdown for editing/composing text. More info @Daring Fireball


  • Add Accessibility warnings for color/font choices.
  • Add settings/preferences for the admin experience. IE color theme/font sizes, animations on or off.
  • Add Revision history. Date/time/last edited by information.
  • Choice of different sizes for headers images/videos (both in app and on site) Currently wasting space ‘above the fold’


  • Have user Roles defined in P2P so that not all users you share the site with can edit your site.

Hera K:

  • Order posts in a non-animated environment